Canvas Contract Furniture


In providing the expertise, dedication, integrity and flexibility, Canvas Contract Furniture aim to enable their clients to achieve the objectives set for their project, whether it be a standard one or a unique, elalorate, inspirational piece.

Canvas: Design Inspiring

Canvas Contract Furniture supplies contract furniture from some of the best European makers, as well as furniture developed and manufactured by its team for bespoke projects.


Canvas Contract is a made of a weave of furniture experience and know-how that begun 20 years ago.

A natural passion for furniture as well as for design were the driving inspiration which led Carlos de Almeida, founder of Canvas Contract Furniture into the furniture industry.


This love for timber, furniture and design started as a young boy, while he was helping his father with his shoe-making business. Being in contact with leather and shoe making materials gave him a natural liking and understanding for some materials, textures and the way they work together.

Later, his involvement in music at school brought him to discover musical instruments, their woods and how they are made.


With the need to furnish his first home came the first 'furniture test' and the realisation that furniture is his real passion, leading to his career.


Having trained in cabinet making as well in marketing management opened the first career opportunity in furniture retail sales, in Sydney Australia. This was to be the first step of a long and rich experience journey: from working in direct contact with the end-user, ie in retail sales, to being involved in the production aspect and then to exporting for a manufacturing company - Joal in Portugal.


Later, his involvement with designers and architects - Architects Gal Tevet, Jorge Goncalves and Siza Vieira - commercially developing furniture collections for the export market, broaden his horizons and led to many opportunities of commercial work in the contract industry, supplying furniture for hotels.


With the commercial development in furniture retail and business development experience in manufactoring for export and the contract markets, founding Canvas Contract Furniture was a natural career evolution.


Nowadays, Canvas Contract Furniture's focus is centered on customising contract furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars and high-end interiors.

About Canvas Furniture

About Canvas Furniture

About Canvas Furniture

About Canvas Furniture

About Canvas Furniture

About Canvas Furniture

Why Canvas Contract Furniture?

1. The use of canvas, for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, canoes, furniture coverings and other items which require strength and durability can be traced back through the centuries. As far back as the Middle Ages, domestic interiors showed the introduction of some degree of comfort and upholstery started to play an important part in interior decoration, consisting mainly of what we would now consider as "soft furnishings".

Canvas was gaining popularity, with chairs being given elaborately decorated coverings - the rudimentary beginnings of upholstered furniture.

2. Canvas also holds the concept of 'design', which is at the heart of Canvas Contract Furniture. A blank canvas, a white page onto which any design can be created to address our clients' requirements.